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Chris von Lersner, PPS, EHN, SC,

(Pedagogical Pot Stirrer, Education Hostage Negotiator, School Consultant)

I was recently stopped short by a FB post on one of the pages I follow because I like the quality of the dialogue. I wanted to respond with a flood of words and ideas, but – for once – something stopped me.

Often, when I’m inspired to reply to a FB post, I go too deep. I come off as: “Hello, I came to do a critical analysis of your casual and well meaning post.”  I can’t help myself from immediately wanting to wrap certain ideas into what I’m thinking about already, and I just spew out connected thoughts and thorny questions, completely without any intent to deflate the bearer of the original puffy thought bubbles.

I get the definite feeling, though, that too much processing  annoys FB folk who are just out for a quick electronic stroll.

I built this site in part because I’m hoping it’s more respectful to bring that kind of material here – to dig the deeper holes in my own back yard.


Though it’s not the only thing I think and write about, I have a minor obsession with education. There’s a giant magnet in my brain that ensures almost every visiting idea will pass – at least briefly – through the education room. Having been involved with Montessori for much of my adult life, I tend to see things through a Montessori lens.

I’m also a Graphic Designer/Illustrator, and like to create my own visuals. Unless otherwise noted, all photos and illustrations on my own posts can be attributed to  ©_Chris_von_Lersner

Additional contributors are in the pipeline: Hang in there with us!