Public education: mass producing the indolent consumer

I have a friend, a teacher educator, who alternates between amusement and despair: at the chasms between teacher training curricula and current research on teaching & learning, on the one hand … and between research on teaching & learning and the school quality measures that drive teacher education curricula, on the other. Climate change ain't … Continue reading Public education: mass producing the indolent consumer

Human culture as murmuration

I've begun to consider the starling murmuration as a metaphor for human culture. It's a spontaneously self-organizing group comprised of individuals that appear to be completely autonomous but nevertheless both respond to one another and contribute to the shape and flow and direction of the whole. The individual's behavior doesn't make sense outside the context … Continue reading Human culture as murmuration

Sovereign teens

Every day, new and disheartening reports of the poor mental health of American adolescents roll across our social media feeds. In numbers never before seen, American teens are experiencing inconsolable anger, anxiety, and depression. We want to believe that emotional downturn is an unavoidable and universally experienced aspect of a normal developmental stage: adolescents have … Continue reading Sovereign teens

i’m brown, too, dammit!

I have a lot of concern (bordering on obsession) for the people in this country whose equal status is theoretically guaranteed by the law, but who continue to experience discrimination and rejection, to which persons of more privileged status often stand in silent witness. As the blind and the ignorant among us slowly awaken to the widespread injustice … Continue reading i’m brown, too, dammit!