Their unique place

Even if there is some content knowledge that a culture deems truly necessary for every, single, solitary citizen, are we to believe that transmitting that body of skill and knowledge should take all of the first 18 years of life, that it must necessarily be delivered to all children (sorted by birthdate) in lockstep, and that individualizing education goals on the basis of strength, interest, and local resources should not begin until maturity?

Sovereign teens

Every day, new and disheartening reports of the poor mental health of American adolescents roll across our social media feeds. In numbers never before seen, American teens are experiencing inconsolable anger, anxiety, and depression. We want to believe that emotional downturn is an unavoidable and universally experienced aspect of a normal developmental stage: adolescents have … Continue reading Sovereign teens

Potemkin programming: Adolescent Entrepreneurship without prior Apprenticeship

… is like high-end siding on a house without a frame. There's a lot of buzz in the education world about how skills and character traits that characterize successful entrepreneurs might be imparted to our youth in order to foster successful participation in the new economy. I'm a skeptic. Research into how the essential traits of successful entrepreneurship … Continue reading Potemkin programming: Adolescent Entrepreneurship without prior Apprenticeship

Using developmental need to drive adolescent program development

The single most crucial element for the iterative design of developmentally meaningful adolescent programming is what I call a Pull Curriculum. The idea of the Pull Curriculum is informed by my experience as a Montessori teacher and elaborated for the secondary level. Teachers curate a co-working environment, offer collective learning experiences, introduce new materials and ideas, … Continue reading Using developmental need to drive adolescent program development

i’m brown, too, dammit!

I have a lot of concern (bordering on obsession) for the people in this country whose equal status is theoretically guaranteed by the law, but who continue to experience discrimination and rejection, to which persons of more privileged status often stand in silent witness. As the blind and the ignorant among us slowly awaken to the widespread injustice … Continue reading i’m brown, too, dammit!