There is perhaps nothing more important to the flourishing of humanity than our ability to count what can’t be quantified and value what can’t be measured.

We wax and we wane, we ebb and we flow, we surge and we falter. The transformations that comprise a lifetime of growth can neither be planned nor even fully apprehended.

We leave impressions and send forth ripples of which we’re unaware. We appear in one another’s frames unwittingly. We star in one another’s dramas unscripted. It’s likely that our most indelible marks are not made by design.

We construct ourselves moment-to-moment, assimilate our experiences into our evolving selves, set our antennae and adjust our rudders, then scrap our best-laid plans when circumstances demand we change course.

The developing self cries out to be known as a totality, and assessed (if necessary) as a verb – not as a noun … as an embodied process – not as an artifact or outcome.

Will we learn to cherish the evolution of our fully integrated humanity and extol the virtues that can be perceived but can’t be accurately and replicably accounted for?

This site is dedicated to understanding and describing growth, in all its forms and faces.

May we learn to wax gratefully and gracefully.