It’s hard to talk about Scientific Pedagogy succinctly.

This week, I put before myself the challenge of encapsulating my understanding of this discipline using only 100 words (… and a quote, whose words I don’t feel obligated to count). In the two or so posts that will follow this one, I’ll flesh out my summary – until I feel I understand it.

No doubt this cluster of posts will be useful mostly to me – useful primarily through the ridiculously absorbing process it is taking to create them. The longer I work on this, the more underwhelming the outputs seem. Maybe because it’s what I’m internalizing that matters. What I’m posting is just the exoskeleton.

No doubt, too, I’ll emerge with more questions than answers. But new questions will shed new light.

Who can say why the task of describing Scientific Pedagogy is so compelling for me?

I’m going with it, though – as a bee to an irresistably alluring flower: she doesn’t ask why.

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