I propose constructing a framework of regulating ideals* such as the following, inspired and informed by Montessori scientific pedagogy, but borrowing from several other frameworks, interweaving diverse student centered pedagogies, to create a learning ecology.

AIMS of our learning community
The big three (Agency / Creativity / Wholeness) are spinoffs of Laloux/Wilber
I. Agency (Autonomy, Competence, and Belonging) The three components of Agency are adapted from Deci & Ryan’s Self-Determination Theory/SDT.
II. Creativity (Emergence)
III. Integrity (Interconnected Wholeness)

*regulating ideals merits another post. let it be so.

References to Maria Montessori, John Dewey, Edward O. Wilson, Friederich Hayek, John Holt, Fritjof Capra, Ken Wilber, Frederic Laloux, Ron Berger, Matthew Crawford, Deci & Ryan, Michael Oakeshott.

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